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Telephone Systems

Dinners ready ! If they can’t smell the roast from upstairs or the pool, you’ll be able to tell them it’s ready without yelling or even leaving the kitchen. An integrated telephone system installed throughout the home makes communicating easier. Giving everyone their own voice mail means you won’t have to hunt for a pen and paper to take messages.

Today's advanced telephone systems

Double as an intercom

Allow direct paging to a particular room

Page the entire house

Allow two-way communication with someone at your front door or gate and buzz them in from the phone keypad.

Set “do not disturb” times for certain incoming phone numbers, such as a home office line, so the phone does not audibly ring after hours (except in certain locations if desired).

Roam with confidence throughout your home using new Dect cordless phone technology using repeaters.

Integrated voicemail will allow each family member to have their own private VM

Open Pedestrian and Driveway gates from any phone.